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Behold all the fine, smart people that have nice things to say about us.

And here are a few available interviews:

Ragbag Presents       Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico       WZBC Boston

       PopMatters - The Brutal Truth at Last      Pittsburgh City Paper


"One of America's best -- and most underrated -- songwriters."
--PopMatters (Jennifer Kelly)

"A voice to turn good girls bad...Maybe crazy but damn exciting."
--The Village Voice

"One of the East Coast's best-kept secrets, his wryly misanthropic schtick is all his own. Live, he is the Bill Hicks of the blues. You need to see him."
--What's On In London (Joe Cushley)

"What? You want some kind of description of the artist and his music? Just fucking listen to the guy and enjoy his prowess."
-- Frank Black a.k.a. Black Francis

"Reduce-you-to-tears razor wit...Reid Paley ought to be a household name."
--Pittsburgh City Paper (Justin Hopper)

"A proudly weird talent with a nervy raw appeal."
--Time Out New York (Mike Wolf)

"The bastard child of Sinatra and Lemmy."
--Random Magazine UK (Jaz Rhodes)

"Put simply, the Reid Paley Trio knows how to get down. He's got mischief in his eye, Elvis in his joints, and booze everywhere else."
--NYRock (Jean Fury)

"Best Actual Gig of the Year. Very very impressive."
--Sleazegrinder UK (Stu Gibson)

"A soot-black sense of humor as biting as an underfed Rottweiler."
--Cleveland Free Times (Jason Bracelin)

"Another impossibly excellent piece of work flying low, under the radar."
--Ink 19 (James MacLaren)

"Straightforward, suicidal, funny and gifted at putting a song together."
--New York Press (Ned Vizzini)

"So many critics wax how Reid Paley is underrated, undiscovered talent -- but it's actually true. He's an immensely talented singer-guitarist-songwriter. When you listen to that subtly swinging rock and his deep bellow, it's easy to tell something special is afoot. This is the "real thing", but it doesn't comfortably fit in any category to reach the masses.”
--Cheap Thrills Boston

"More messy jazz from a drunken genius."
--City Life, Manchester UK (Emma Unsworth)

"As Baudelaire was the spleen of Paris, Reid Paley is the spleen of New York... How else could he write such messianic blues, such prophetic rock 'n' roll?"
--442éme Rue, Paris (Lionel Dekanel)

"Possessed with the voice of a drunken wolf. Songs that roar."
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Regis Behe)

“The deliciously gravelly voice and Weillian pomp of tracks like “Yr Polish Uncle” might put The Bad Seeds out of business. It’s not often that adjectives like ‘clever’ , ‘dark’, and ‘heartwrenching’ should be bandied about in the same sentence, but Reid Paley Trio’s a special case. They’re a special NY band.”
-- The Sentimentalist (Madeline Virbasius-Walsh)

"Paley’s visionary take on modern music brings something quite exciting to the table - syncopated rock with simplicity of feel, dark humour, cutting remarks, witty poetic ramblings - all feeling like a breath of fresh air. Wondrously intriguing, compelling as hell, and refreshingly original.”
--Toxic Pete UK

"Everyone has a favorite drinking album. Right now, mine is REVIVAL."
--Seattle Weekly (Kurt B. Reighley)

“As soon as Reid Paley sings you realise there’s something else in the mix. A jazz-blues-rockabilly sound so distinctive that it takes a while for your listening organs to balance the gruff, hoarse voice with the excellent playing. A dark wit that will have you spitting your dinner over the stereo in mirth.”
--SoundsXP UK (Ged M)

"Reid Paley is the kind of artist Seattle loves."
--The Stranger (Erin Franzman)

"Blues and jazz trip around his nocturnal growl in this accomplished collection. There’s no holding back the ferocious swing of Take What You Want, and the brooding Better Days manages to rouse the soul even when Paley is staring destruction in the face. A gem worth uncovering.”
--The Big Issue UK (Lianne Steinberg)

REVIVAL:  "Best 50 Albums of the Year"
--Alternative Press

"Best Of Manhattan"
--New York Press

"Four Stars"
--German Rolling Stone

"Brooklyn’s gruff-toned, swivel-hipped troubadour sounds as cuddly as a grizzly bear with a stubbed toe, but Saint Reid’s in your corner.  That is, if your corner is full of tough broads and bastards, smooth whiskey, and shit-eating grins. Otherwise, do yourself a favor:  Don’t bother this charming man. "
-- Village Voice (Fury)

"For fans of churlish honesty and unaffected one-man shows, REVIVAL is a nonstop riot."
--San Francisco Weekly (Silke Tudor)

"An unholy howl of a voice."
--CMJ (Judy McGuire)

"Actually, it's more than one date with this vampiric Brooklyn songwriter - it's four. And lucky us. Paley lives on the darker side of Saturday night, his witty ballads backed by a Czechoslovakian upright bass, a trap kit, and a voice that sounds like a bag of gravel in a blender.
--City Life, Manchester UK (Emma Unsworth)

"Classic, damaged to perfection...His music carves it's initials into your heart with a rusty scaffolding bolt."
--MurphGuide (Kiimberly Massengill)

"Though records like Revival drip with talent, sweat and humor, live is the way to experience Paley."
--The Village Voice (Jason Gross)

"You can love this album, or you can fear it!"
--Westzeit Magazine, Germany

"Unnerving but all the more impressive for it...Let the good (and bad) times roll."

"I sing along with St. Reid as if purity itself hung in the balance...He's a red-blooded Brooklyn storyteller whose gruff, barking vocals and guitar playing will boost your foot tapping into stomping. Songs about hard luck and bastardization never sounded so good."
--The Village Voice (Jean Fury)

“For all his simplicity, Reid is like nobody else.”
--Seattle Weekly (Kurt B. Reighley)

"A great musical attraction...a sort of Sinatra for the disaffected."
--Mississippi Reflector (Jim Beaugez)

"A jarring reminder of what rock'n'roll once was and could be again."
--The Washington Times (Derek Simmonsen)

"Brutally honest and quite funny...Simple forms hit so hard by passion, intelligence and humor that they stretch into something surreal."
--Splendid Magazine (Jennifer Kelly)

"He commanded the mic and his guitar like a true badass Just Don't Give a Fuck rock star should...A set that rocked right from his explosive opening roar."

"Reid Paley has a voice like a chainsaw cutting into a telephone pole.  Bourbon-soaked raw emotion, backed by a slapdash-good rhythm section."
--Baltimore City Paper

“Paley is one of...check that, he's the only witty and acerbic songwriter around.”
--The Brutarian (Dominick Salemi)

"My new favorite band...This white boy can belt out some of the most raucous, foot-thumping, head-nodding blues I have witnessed in a long while...A wonderful storyteller."
--Ink 19 (Rob Walsh)

"Paley's exposed-nerve aesthetic comes through loud and clear. He's a raw romantic with a sense of grand drama."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer (a. d. amorosi)

"What this world needs is more singers with hell in their voice, something so scarred and crumpled by smoke and bourbon that you know that shit is going down. Thank goodness for Reid Paley."
--The Village Voice

"REVIVAL has the immediacy of a blues album...too idiosyncratic to be summed up in one category."
--In Pittsburgh (Mike Shanley)

"Reid Paley's Revival is Album of the Year: I've gushed about this one several times already. While I only bought it in September, I already consider it to be one of my best drinking buddies."

"In an era where Image is King, Paley shares with (Lenny) Bruce the same disdain for bullshit, pretension and knuckleheads everywhere."
--Waterfront Week (Mark Keresman)

"This man's voice is the most unique voice we've ever heard."

"Wild, unpredictable and a great writer. Buy his CD."
--The Fevered Brain of RadioMike

"Paley's bare-boned and bloody-knuckled approach grabs you like a shot of tequila that's gone down the wrong pipe."
--Aquarian Weekly (Chris Uhl)

"Don't miss Reid Paley, a gruff, bluesy rock troubadour with a bad attitude."
--The Washington Post

"A monster set of vocal chords, a powerful strain of damnation, the dead-on ring of a classic."
--Chemical Imbalance (Adnana Ashraf)

"Slightly terrifying. Clearly, Reid Paley has every right to be fucked off with the world, and every right to be drunk, and if we had half the brain he does, we'd probably be drunk too..."
--San Francisco Weekly (Silke Tudor)

"Darkly comic. "
--New York Press (Jim Knipfel)

"He was raw, unpolished, honest, and absolutely soulful."

"A throat like Howlin' Wolf or Screamin' Jay Hawkins. If it was my job to make you buy this, I'd say that the production is handled by Frank Black. However, Lucky's Tune is great enough that I don't have to do any name-dropping."
--Fright X

"Three things you can count on in this town: there will always be roaches under your stove, the train will be rerouted at the least opportune moment, and the Reid Paley Trio will entertain you."
--Lucid Culture

"A legend waiting to happen."


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